Multiplayer Pong Demo using GameKit in iPhone OS 3.0

06.28.09 Posted in games, interactive, iphone by

One of the more interesting features that was announced during the preview of iPhone OS 3.0 was the GameKit framework. The video above is just a simple demo I wrote a few months ago with a beta version of GameKit and the cocos2d-iPhone framework. The two devices discover one another over Bluetooth, coordinate the client [...]

Off To GDC Next Week

03.20.09 Posted in games, iphone by

It has been ten whole months since I decided I wanted to make video games for a living. Since that time I’ve purchased well over $1,000 worth of books, games and consoles in an attempt to immerse myself in an arena I’ve been away from for many years. By leveraging my existing skills, I was [...]

Tiny Violin Approved for the App Store

07.07.08 Posted in games, interactive, iphone by

My first iPhone / iPod Touch application, Tiny Violin, has been approved for the App Store. More details to come, but here is a description of the application: Play the world’s smallest violin on your iPhone or iPod Touch. An indispensable tool useful for showing sympathy toward another’s misfortune. Slide your finger or thumb across [...]

Off-Road Velociraptor Safari

05.07.08 Posted in games by

A ridiculously fun game built with the UNITY engine. Playable as stand-alone or in the browser. Give it play, or check out the video above.