Cocoa Camp Talk Video

11.04.10 Posted in iphone, talks by

Here’s an unfortunately not-so-great recording of the talk I gave at Cocoa Camp last month, “Clients, Creatives, and Code: Mastering the Art of Building Someone Else’s App”. I’ve been asked by a couple of attendees if I would make the recording available, so hopefully it will be useful to someone. I did my best to [...]

AppResigner: Easily re-sign iOS apps

09.29.10 Posted in iOS, iphone by

Code-signing during iOS app building is an integral part of the development process. Apps can only run on your iOS device if it has a provisioning profile which contains its UDID, and the app’s bundle identifier matches the profile’s app ID. The app must also be digitally signed with a certificate tied to that profile. [...]

The Hartford | Mobile iPhone App Launches

05.02.10 Posted in iphone, work by

The iPhone app I’ve been working on for the past few months went live recently. This is for The Hartford Insurance Company, who’s celebrating their 200th year this year. It’s a neat little auto insurance utility application. You can document auto-accidents, take and manage photos, collect personal information, find nearby auto services, and more. Our [...]

Full-screen Camera Viewfinder in iPhone OS 3.1

11.10.09 Posted in iphone by

iPhone OS 3.1 brought several customization options to the UIImagePickerController. With 3.1, you have the ability to customize the behavior of how the camera viewfinder appears to the user, without having to hack around the UIImagePickerController’s cameraView hierarchy. This has given rise to several augmented reality applications, such as the Monocle feature in the Yelp [...]

Shuffling with Objective-C Categories

10.21.09 Posted in iphone by

One of the neat features of Objective-C programming is categories. Categories give the ability to add discrete bits of functionality on existing classes. Think of them as lightweight inheritance; I can add one or more methods to an existing class without having to create a custom subclass. There’s a bunch more you can do with [...]

Multiplayer Pong Demo using GameKit in iPhone OS 3.0

06.28.09 Posted in games, interactive, iphone by

One of the more interesting features that was announced during the preview of iPhone OS 3.0 was the GameKit framework. The video above is just a simple demo I wrote a few months ago with a beta version of GameKit and the cocos2d-iPhone framework. The two devices discover one another over Bluetooth, coordinate the client [...]

Off To GDC Next Week

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It has been ten whole months since I decided I wanted to make video games for a living. Since that time I’ve purchased well over $1,000 worth of books, games and consoles in an attempt to immerse myself in an arena I’ve been away from for many years. By leveraging my existing skills, I was [...]

Tiny Violin in Mac|Life

12.24.08 Posted in iphone, press by

The folks over at Mac|Life contacted me back in early November for a short interview. They were writing an article showcasing a handful of iPhone developers and were interested in including Tiny Violin. The online version of the article was published a few weeks ago, and the print version can be found in the January [...]

Tiny Violin Approved for the App Store

07.07.08 Posted in games, interactive, iphone by

My first iPhone / iPod Touch application, Tiny Violin, has been approved for the App Store. More details to come, but here is a description of the application: Play the world’s smallest violin on your iPhone or iPod Touch. An indispensable tool useful for showing sympathy toward another’s misfortune. Slide your finger or thumb across [...]