Eventbrite Easy Entry iPhone App Video

09.04.11 Posted in iOS, work by

The iOS app I’ve been working on at Eventbrite recently shipped: Easy Entry 3.0, a complete rewrite from the previous version. We shot a tutorial video starring yours truly. I also got to brush up on my GarageBand skills and put together the background music.

The Hartford | Mobile iPhone App Launches

05.02.10 Posted in iphone, work by

The iPhone app I’ve been working on for the past few months went live recently. This is for The Hartford Insurance Company, who’s celebrating their 200th year this year. It’s a neat little auto insurance utility application. You can document auto-accidents, take and manage photos, collect personal information, find nearby auto services, and more. Our [...]

Site launch: ExploringETFs.com

08.06.08 Posted in interactive, work by

Exploring ETFs, the financial e-learning site I’ve been working on for the past four months, recently launched: “We’re excited to announce the launch of Exploring ETFs, a site for Barclays Global Investors designed to educate financial advisors & individual investors about Exchange Traded Funds. It’s been a culmination of over 6 months of collaboration between [...]

UPS Whiteboard ’08 Launches

03.02.08 Posted in web development, work by

After a few months of strategy, creative, and technology working together to make the next iteration of UPS’ Whiteboard website better than before, the website has officially launched. While the ’08 Whiteboard site is much more complex than the previous version, we had a great team working together to make it as good of an [...]